Our Farm

Soul Seed Coffee is grown on a finca in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, at an altitude between 800 and 1200 m above sealevel. Our coffee plant are growing in the shade of picturesque trees that give habitat to hundres of local species of birds. The finca is populated by various types of coffee plants, such as Bourbon, Castilla, Caturra and Typica, offering a multiplicity of flavours to coffee connoisseurs. All our plants are purley organic, which means we avoid any kind of chemical treatment of our plants. In this regard we hope to invest in the future of the Sierra Nevada´s biodiversity, pure springs of glacier water and the wellbeing of the lovers of our coffee. Furthermore, as we locally grow and process our coffee, we contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Soul Seed Coffee is hand selected and carefully sundried in a monthlong process in the semi-tropical climate of Colombia’s coastal mountains. Our coffee is roasted by Soul Seed Coffee Roastery in an air roaster, paying particular attention to its gentle processing to ensure a product of only the highest standards that truly maintains what it promises- namley Speciality Coffee, handled with love.

If you are interested in visiting our finca and learn more about the fascinating world of coffee, please let us know, we organize daytours to our finca.

Enjoy a cup of Soul Seed’s excellent coffee at Ikaro Café!